Pack Scott Hobbs Bourne
1980 Editions

Pack Scott Hobbs Bourne

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Discover the subttle universe of Scott Hobbs Bourne with this pack of 3 books including :

Book 1 : A Room With No Windows is the debut novel for Scott Hobbs Bourne. Composed while living in Paris as an illegal resident, 19/80 Books is proud to continue the spirit of the antagonist who has fled his home poor and alone yet full of life (in English).

Book 2 : East of the Adriatic is an invitation to join Scott H. Bourne, with photographers Bertrand Trichet and Sergej Vutuc, for a balkan road-trip cruising through Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania to Split, Croatia, by the Adriatic sea. The journey to the end of the night, with the rhythm of an old-time sailor song, of an author always seeking for discovery and strangeness. 

Book 3 : Orgy Porgy is named after the prayer in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, and was a column from Scott Bourne that ran in the magazine Soma, between 2007 and 2011. « I wrote whatever I wished without fear of not being published, and in hindsight, the column itself was a prayer answered. I went where I wanted and danced about with the words. Each piece drew heavily from my life in Paris and the travels I did. I wrote about anything from war to a chance encounter with a transvestite who invited me to fondle her naked breast, which I joyfully did. Herein lie those stories as well as a few selected pieces from other magazines, which I wanted to include in the orgy. »