About 1980 Editions

Riding together

1980 Editions is an association of writers, riders and literature lovers engage in publishing and promoting timeless books.

It's no big corporate here, only a bunch of people working together all around the world to provide and deliver to you beautiful works on what you love.

Initially founded in 2010, 1980 Editions runs like a big familly. Actually, it's probably my mother that sent you the book ;-)


For any information about our catalog, if you want to be part of this adventure, want our help to publish your book or place an order for a librairy/bookshop, please contact us at 1980bookstore@gmail.com

For urgent matter, send an SMS at +33663133175 (PLEASE DO NOT CALL, we won't answer since we are restless world travelers...).


We are greatfull for your support, so pass the word around !


1980 BOOKS is an association ruled by the French regulation under Law 1901. The purpose of this association is :
  • The promotion of culture and ludic activities;
  • The production, publication, distribution, purchase or sale, promotion of any work and any media;
  • The production, the organization, the promotion of any event in connection with any cultural or ludic activity;
  • And more generally the promotion by any means whatsoever of any artistic or recreational activity.
The association may carry out economic activities related to its purpose.